Miami’s Hidden Art Cave

I got to the Margulies warehouse and walked through the artworks in silence, taking everything in. A blown up, Willem de Kooning sculpture greeted you by the entrance. In a corner, hidden behind a staircase, stood perhaps the loudest of the works featured in the collection. However, this noise was not sonic, but visual. It transmitted nothing short of an underground club vibe, with light coming out through the slits of the staircase. The whole space was lit by neon pink light. Dazzled, I noticed that in addition to the neon lights, there were ceramic figures of donkeys on the shelves. I later found out that there were exactly sixty-nine. If sexual innuendos could be materialized into a three-dimensional figure, they would come to life in this sculpture.

Moreover, possibly the best experience I had and what I will remember the most of the collection was the outdoor installation by Olafur Eliasson, “Your now is my surroundings”, since it invited all of the class to participate and be a part of the work. A narrow space covered with mirrors, it generated an effect of endless reflections. By raising your hands, you could see thousands of replicas in the background. Everyone was involved in the work and, through it, we became a part of each other’s surroundings.

The Margulies collection at the WAREhOUSE is located at 591 NW 27th St, Miami, FL 33127.


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